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Foot and Mouth Disease
In October 2006, AHN and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, with partial funding from The Beef Checkoff, hosted the first-ever FMD Summit. This landmark event gathered representatives from organizations and institutions that will be on the front lines during an FMD outbreak. The Summit focused on FMD preparedness from four critical perspectives — prevention, detection, response and recovery. Throughout the Summit, attendees challenged the agriculture sector and government agencies to continue talking about preparedness to ensure recovery if plagued by this devastating disease. This FMD Summit summary is a tool for directing continued efforts related to prevention, detection, response and recovery 
Feedyard Microbiology 101 
This video, in English and Spanish, details disease causing organisms such as prions, viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can be found in cattle and how to control them. 
Food and Mouth Disease Vaccine 
A factsheet from APHIS Veterinary Services that briefly describes the disease, the type of vaccine used in the U.S. against the seven types and more than 60 subtypes of the disease. The North American Foot-and-Mouth Vaccine Bank and its work is briefly described. 
Foot and Mouth Disease  
This webpage from APHIS presents a brief overview of FMD and provides links to current news articles,related topics and documents from other organizations. 
This page was issued by the American Academy on Veterinary Disaster Medicine as a result of the outbreak in Great Britain in February 2001. It provides information on that outbreak and it impact in Great Britain, information on the spread of the disease, control strategies and more. 
This brief overview of the disease is from Cattle Today's listing of the common diseases of beef cattle including their symptoms, treatment and prevention.  
Foot-and-Mouth Disease 
A factsheet from APHIS Veterinary Services. This factsheet briefly describes what causes the disease, how it spreads, lists symptoms, discusses prevention and control and lists how you support U. S. efforts against FMD 
Foot-and-mouth Disease 
A brief overview of the disease issued by Federation of American Scientists. 
Information About Foot and Mouth for Nebraska Residents 
This NebGuide, from University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, addresses foot-and-mouth disease, its causes and how to control it. 
Protecting America From Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Other High-Consequence Livestock Diseases 
This factsheet from APHIS's Veterinary Services provides a brief overview of FMD, describes what measures APHIS has in place to keep FMD and other high-consequence livestock diseases out of the US and concludes with what you can do to help. 
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